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$60.00 1/8 oz $120.00 1/4 oz $200.00 1/2 oz $350.00 Ounce
<p>Garrison Lane presents Billy Kimber, a unique indica dominant OG phenotype hand chosen by our expert cultivators from a group of thousands of mothers. This exquisite OG cut bears the undeniably harsh and spicy flavor profile characteristic of all great OGs and reeks overwhelmingly of pungent gasoline and freshly cut pine. This strain produces a heavy body buzz and intense cerebral invigoration best reserved for experienced users, with many patients reporting Billy Kimber's efficacy in fighting the symptoms of chronic pain as well as muscle spasms.</p>
$60.00 1/8 oz $120.00 1/4 oz $180.00 1/2 oz $350.00 Ounce
Amazing color, packed with crystals testing at 28%THC! DO NOT MISS THIS!
$60.00 1/8 oz $120.00 1/4 oz $180.00 1/2 oz $350.00 Ounce
This is some straight HEAT! Afghan 7 X Gsc super exotic frosted out purple buds.
This is the best master Kush we have ever seen! Smokes and tastes amazing. Somewhat limited and comes pre packaged in 1/8ths and quarters ball jar sealed. True Headstash smoke! 
This skywalker is the OG Skywalker. The one that blew everyones minds back in the early 2000's a real deal cut. Staff pick 10000 once we smoked this we knew found the skywalker we were always looking for. True headstash/connesuer smoke! Comes in 1/8ths, Quarters, and Half Oz Prepackaged sealed in ball jars.. Don't miss out on this!