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<p>Ten of our 10mg Regular Strength Cookies. For those with a slightly higher tolerance who feel that one cookie is simply not enough! A great value for the Dr. Norm’s addicts out there. 100mg activated THC in total.</p> <p>This is the one we started our company with, using our mom’s 'famous' recipe! These cookies are crunchy on the outside but soft and chewy on the inside. They are generously filled with chocolate chips and finely chopped pecans and have a surprise crunch from Heath Bar toffee bits.</p> <p>WARNING: These are addicting!!!</p> <p>Ingredients: flour, Heath Bar toffee bits, brown sugar, chocolate chips, 100% pure extra-virgin organic coconut oil, butter, eggs, sugar, pecans, vanilla extract, baking soda and salt.</p> <p>Contains: Wheat, Milk, Eggs, Soy, Pecans and Almonds.</p>
<p>A Californian sunset in edible form, the Morsel Bakery Peach Rings Morsel replaces pain and discomfort with happiness and euphoria. Take a trip down memory lane right into nirvana with this adult spin on a candy classic.</p>
<p>Go fishing with the Morsel Bakery Gummy Worms; you're sure to catch a high. Potent, sweet, and potent--that isn't double vision, it's just that good. Teach a guy to fish with this and he'll never go unhappy again.</p>
Kiddo, this 500 mg Black Mamba Brownie by Morsel Bakery hits harder than buckshot to the chest. A moist, delicious brownie that actually tastes like a brownie, plus it packs a potent high. Relax, let this mamba enshroud you.
<p>Lift your spirits and sooth your woes with this highly potent Black Mamba Shot by Morsel Bakery concoction. This little hellion boasts 400mg of deliciousness packed into a two-ounce grape-flavored shot. The pregaming be-all end-all.</p>
Super potent Strawberry Belts! 320mg Total!
<p>Morsel Bakery's Morsel Chocolate Krispies are potent 1.5 square inch cookies that pack a 50mg punch with sweet chocolate flavors but are also low in calories.</p>
<p>Morsel Bakery's Morsel Fruity Krispy are potent 1.5 square inch cookies that pack a 50mg punch with fresh, fruity flavors but are also low in calories.</p>
great tasting potent Gummy Worms
peach rings that pack a punch contains 200mg thc
just like sour patch kids but way better ;) 
Cotton Candy Flavored Strawberry Belts 200mg