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<p>A Californian sunset in edible form, the Morsel Bakery Peach Rings Morsel replaces pain and discomfort with happiness and euphoria. Take a trip down memory lane right into nirvana with this adult spin on a candy classic.</p>
<p>Go fishing with the Morsel Bakery Gummy Worms; you're sure to catch a high. Potent, sweet, and potent--that isn't double vision, it's just that good. Teach a guy to fish with this and he'll never go unhappy again.</p>
<p>Kiddo, this 500 mg Black Mamba Brownie by Morsel Bakery hits harder than buckshot to the chest. A moist, delicious brownie that actually tastes like a brownie, plus it packs a potent high. Relax, let this mamba enshroud you.</p>
<p>Lift your spirits and sooth your woes with this highly potent Black Mamba Shot by Morsel Bakery concoction. This little hellion boasts 400mg of deliciousness packed into a two-ounce grape-flavored shot. The pregaming be-all end-all.</p>
Super potent Strawberry Belts! 320mg Total!
300mg Pineapple Gummies
these gummies are made with super high quality potent oil..
300mg peach gummies 
Blueberry 300mg gummies